• Dead Man Wonderland

    Je ne dirai rien. Lisez-le, c'est tout ! (et moi, dès que possible, je me jette l'anime, après avoir dévoré le manga.)

    Dead Man Wonderland


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    Mardi 31 Mai 2016 à 05:29

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      • Lundi 22 Mai 2017 à 19:35

        I've seen some of your works before. It was an interesting thing for me. I hope that you'll share some other projects, as well.

    Lundi 10 Avril 2017 à 18:01
    Mercredi 31 Mai 2017 à 15:55

    That is so cool to have found your sit and I really want to follow it. I have a good time with you.

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    Lundi 17 Juillet 2017 à 11:15

    I do not like Japanese movies. I probably do not understand their fine lines. I think that you do not have a bad taste

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