• Chance! - Koharu Kusumi

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    Dimanche 11 Novembre 2012 à 23:57
    the photos are very well posed and sceend but I believe gaining fans is unlikely through photobooks as they are always sold as [idol] s photobook which would immediately direct sales towards the fans of that specific idol.The photo you mentioned that's centered on her ass with her hands bound should be viewed subjectively as artistic work should; I wouldn't call that an ass photo at all because there's is no figure of ass shown in that specific image (none of the other photos in the book shout ass either) and her hands aren't actually bound (but who knows, that bounded look might have been the artist's intention). I just don't think these photos should been seen as only sexual. Also, the few photos shown on this page are just Shirow's small selection.
    Lundi 17 Juillet 2017 à 11:21

    Cool video, I laughed when he looked. Not often I actually watch similar clips


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